Time for a Change

If you feel government doesn't really serve or represent you, if you feel you haven't been given a decent selection of candidates or a real voice in government, then the most important thing to do about it is VOTE for Mina Joanna Nichols for Ventura County Recorder.

I believe that government is supposed to serve the people, we need to make it work for people.

I have complete faith in Democracy, but I also have deep concerns about what passes for Democracy lately. I want to help every citizen feel truly engaged and well represented. The high number of uncontested offices and low voter turnout are evidence of a deeper crisis in democracy which is making people feel poorly represented and angry.

The election is June 3rd and the best way for you to ensure that nothing stops you from voting is to register to vote by mail.

Vote for me and I'll clean up this office and make it work for you.

What does a County Clerk and Recorder do?

The links below (in blue) lead to the current Recorder's web site.

The Ventura County Clerk and Recorder's Office

  • Records births, deaths, marriages, domestic partnerships, and community property
  • Performs civil ceremonies
  • Records transfers of real property, liens and satisfaction of liens, and various other trust and financial documents
  • Oversees certain certifications such as notary public and process server
  • Maintains records of fictitious business names filing and business licenses
  • Runs elections and certifies the result

For more information and the government codes behind the job, click here.

California's Changing Political Landscape

California’s Open Primaries Act which took effect January 1, 2011, greatly reduced barriers to third party candidacy in California by redefining various “partisan” and “non-partisan” offices as “voter-nominated”. Most statewide and countywide offices are now voter-nominated, while national (basically just President/Vice President) and local offices everything city-wide goes by city rules, (check with your local clerk).

These recent changes and others continue to complicate an already perplexing mechanism for selecting our society’s most important leaders, while piecemeal efforts at political reform over the past several decades have created a patchwork of rules that in itself is a barrier to smaller candidates.

The County of Ventura has it's own ordinance, and so does the City of Ventura and the City of Simi and the City of Filmore and the City ofThousand Oaks.

County and city ordinances.

It is the job of the county clerk to maintain the systems by which county voters register and cast their votes, and by which Ventura candidates run for election, as well as many other important civic functions.

We need a hard working and energetic clerk like me to ensure that Ventura is well represented by ensuring that every candidate gets a fair opportunity to present their case to the voters, that the voters have many resources for researching candidates and referenda, and that every vote is fairly cast and counted.

Civic Resources

Campaign Contributions

We’re asking for your vote, not for donations.

Thank you for your interest in this campaign. Thank you for your interest in your community. Thank you for reading this far. It’s people like you who are going to save democracy.

If you want to do more to help, please

  • Do your homework and stay positive, speak up and spread the word.
  • Register to vote by mail, and vote early (voting by mail increases the chances that you’ll get it done and it gives you the convenience to vote with access to a computer). Click here to register on-line. The deadline to register to vote for the June 3rd election is May 19, the deadline to request vote-by-mail is May 27.
  • Donate money to the campaigns of the other candidates I’m endorsing.

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